Existence is Quite Weird

Existence is quite weird. A lot of the time this is what’s going through my mind,┬ájust how weird it is that well, here I am. This entire Universe that most likely goes on forever, and ever and ever, created me. Im a part of it, involved with it. I am it!

Children know this. You see, the wise comes from the new. Just like the new flowers of spring, kids hold the secret of life. You see them playing in such weird ways, loving every second of it. Only living in the NOW. Not judging anything at all, just experiencing. They show all of their emotions without thinking about it, because they trust themselves, and their body. But then we tell them no, and teach them the “correct” way to act.

IMG_0456I feel like most people definitely do not understand the circumstance they find themselves in. They don’t question and look into the concept of existence THEMSELVES, they just believe what they are told and go with it. It is pretty overwhelming. But it will fill your life with wonder and awe.

I see everyone taking this way too seriously, running around trying to accomplish things, to feel complete. Chasing this thing they call success. But, they’re missing the point, because they already have it all, they exist. All you need to do is to stop living in the future or the past, and let this moment be. This is where you will find the happiness you are searching for.

But happiness cannot be sought. It is not something you can obtain, or win.

The point of life is life! It’s the rich experience of what’s actually happening RIGHT NOW.

There is really nothing to do, or be! You are already IT.

You’re literally the Universe looking at itself.

The Universe experiencing love, joy, excitement, pain, misery, and all the other fruits of life, because they are all beautiful aspects of existence.

I recommend the book by Alan Watts, The Book on the Taboo Against Knowing Who You Are. It’s one of my favorite books, that helped with my understanding of who I really am, and it goes into amazing detail about your connection with the Universe.

Once you have this realization, how can you go back to “normal” everyday life where you’re worried about he smallest things?

To understand that the Universe is INFINITE, and that you are the Universe. Well that means that you are no less than an infinite being, with infinite possibilities.

“Nothingness is really like the nothingness of space, which contains the whole Universe. All the suns, and the stars and mountains, and rivers, and goodmen and badmen, and the animals, and the insects, and the whole bit. All are contained in void. So out of this void comes everything and you’re it. What else could you be?” – Alan Watts