Life Isn’t Serious

Why do we fall into the deep, dark, depressing trap as life being “serious”?

And then, we find the other parts of life where your “playing or relaxing” you feel bad, because you’re not doing anything. You get thatĀ little voice inside you’re head that whispers, “What are we doing this for, you can’t be enjoying yourself having fun, we have something to do, man!”

Well, here’s why. We have been led to believe, by being taught our entire lives, that life is serious! Life has thisĀ end goal that you MUST achieve, and must be working towards. If your dreams can’t make you money, well forget it! Then you go on, feeling like your living your life as a duty, or a big chore, that you just have to do.

Guess what, we’ve been fooled. Life actually has no ultimate goal that we HAVE to attain. We’re told we need a nice house, with a nice paying, secure job, and a family. By the way, your at your job most of the day, and never really are able to enjoy the materials you buy with your money, or spend time with your family.

When you arrive at this end point, this success you’ve been working for your entire life, you find that you feel like you always have. That feeling like there is just something missing, just one other thing you need to feel complete. Because right now, just isn’t good enough. Im not rich enough, happy enough, I need more.

You’re living for the future, and missing out on the beauty of what’s actually happening now. This amazing, rich experience that always has been, and always will be.

This now moment. The only time you feel absolutely complete and whole.

Heres a quote from the great Alan Watts, who’s teaching inspired this post.


Society has tricked us into life as being this great journey, with a specific point at the end, where you can finally “make it”. When THEN, you can truly live, and enjoy life.

When we get there we look back on our life, and noticed we’ve missed out on everything, and all the beautiful experiences where we had the chance to fully live.

That’s because we’ve always been working for some thing, that will complete ourselves.

We are already totally complete.

Find out by letting go of the past and the future, and joining in on the dance of the present moment.

Life is a journey, but a beautiful one, where you’re supposed to dance and play the whole way through.