Get Rid of Your Beliefs

Your beliefs are what is holding you back in life, and keeping you from being truly happy and free. Because of who you believe yourself to be, you automatically set boundaries and limitations for yourself that you want to achieve within this life.

Your belief is like a cloudy distorted screen that covers the world. In other words, it closes you off from the Truth of reality.

The Truth of reality is beyond all belief and perception.

The Truth is before all beliefs and perceptions.

Reality is just what is, with no human belief covering it.

If you rid yourself of all your beliefs, the world of possibilities will open up for you.

If you stop believing that you’re not good enough, or that you could never be “successful”, you will find that these were just illusions, or distractions that you’ve put yourself in. You’ve put an illusory box around yourself, one that isn’t real or true. It’s an excuse to stay in your comfort zone and keeping you from living your life completely free.

Most likely your beliefs were installed upon you by society and what other people have told you who you are, what kind of person you need to be, and stay as. The reason why is because they feel comfortable keeping you in their box, under their beliefs. This is how they know themselves. By judging and putting a belief on you, they feel more secure with who they believe themselves to be. It’s a way of knowing who they think they are.

If you try to exit that box some may get uncomfortable and try and keep you in it, even though you know its an illusion.

You must rid yourself of all your beliefs, and find out what’s true.

This is real freedom. When you stop believing that you have to be someone, and just let go and be.

Enlighten yourself, and free yourself from all beliefs and limitations.

The most real state is the state of nothing, where no thing is clouding your perception, and you perceive the world with no judgement.

Then you are free.




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